Evolution of web

Evolution of web

Do you remember how Internet evolved? When you opened internet bowser for the first time? For me it was Netscape 1.22 almost 20 years ago. Java, Flash and rich web applications was future then. Over time web technologies have evolved and now …
If Google was guy

What if Google was a real person

Funny video from CollageHumor on how it would look like if a Google was a real person. They put a guy in an office as Google delivering everybody’s search results in its latest skit. Everything you ask to Google sounds much funnier …

Most famous robots

We still don’t have human-like robots in our lives (as promised by early futurists). Though there still are robots we know and love: from TV, Video Games, Cinema, and Comics. So some artist Daniel Nyari made a poster of most famous robots. …
What Mac lovers love to say

What Mac users love to say

There are more and more pople who use Apple products. Lots of them become passionate users. Even religious ones. And there are things they love to say about Aplle and Macintosh computers in particular.
Day in the internet

A day in the internet

Here is an ifographic about what happens on internet during just one day. Click on image for full image. Source: http://www.mbaonline.com/a-day-in-the-internet/